Newspaper and a Cup of Tea

by Cameron Churchill

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released February 8, 2016

Word out to the misty eyed now or never, jammy and doolan!



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Cameron Churchill New Zealand

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Track Name: Newspaper and a Cup of Tea
Brian, you're in danger of feelin safety
I guess you're bored of a bein amazed aye?
Suppose its time to pick up the pattern
Your mind gets narrow and your body gets fatter
And the dreams that you once chased after
Seem more childish to you
The fastest way to die is by living
I'm so sick but at least I make a killing

Newspaper and a cup of tea
The tea is for your mouth, you put it in your mouth and you drink it down
You don't have to be near the beach to be in the sea
The sea the briny fuckin deep
Where the boats and the fishy fish sleep
Colours of coral and weird spiny thing
You don't really have to be at the beach

I used to be your cup of tea
, the warm soothing smile while you sleep

You don't have to be near the beach to be in the sea

Now there's nothing but empty space to keep
To pile up in heaps next to my other nothings
I've been sp genuine about pretending to be me
I've been so wildly calm and seething
I want to eek out or the world like a rubber tree
Free space dripping on free space and back to me
Track Name: Somewhere, Out there
Somewhere, out there
The sky deep blue and cloudy
She sleeps by a birch tree, slouching

Somewhere, out there
The sun wept rose
In the shell of your ear
The world rolled back

Somewhere, out there
She lays in a barn and shivers
By the pastures, fields and rivers

Somewhere, out there
The sea has stained
The warships iron
Track Name: Way up the River with the Rifle
MMMM one shot
rang out through the trees and i thought
a quick reverberation through the hills is magic
I eat and then i sleep and then repeat the habbit

do what you want
and ill do what i want, i saw
two dead birds of a common species
it seems to me this must have been a new bird disease

I opened the bottle when i saw the snow oh
the colder the colder the cold
do you smell smoke do you see snow oh
the colder the colder the cold

I scratched my name
Scrathced my name on the door of the outhouse
I was a mouse in a mass of people
one big tree in a sea of treacle

dont get by
dont think about old days passed by
days under days under endless blue sky
making such a racket you could miss the night time

I opened the bottle when i saw the snow
oh, the colder the colder the cold